Online Cooperation with Guelph/Cambridge Virtual Club

Saturday, 23 January 2021 by Sandy Graham

GRBC and Guelph / Cambridge have set up a joint committee to pursue a cooperative approach online. Guelph and Cambridge originally teamed up to operate one Virtual Club on BBO. GRBC operates our own Virtual Club.  The goal of our joint committee is to improve the online experience for our members and to expand attendance at our games.

You may be aware that ACBL has restrictions on the Virtual Clubs that you can play at. You need to ask permission to play at a Virtual Club if you haven’t played previously at the physical club. Grand River and Guelph / Cambridge wanted our members to be able to play freely at each other’s Virtual Clubs. Consequently, we have arranged with ACBL to merge our lists of eligible players. This makes it possible for a club member to play in other Virtual Club games without making any prior arrangements.

The joint committee also helps us to coordinate our game schedules when we add new games.  When a club adds a new game we try and ensure that it does not conflict directly with a game at the other Virtual Club. This gives our members the most playing opportunities at the level they want.