Become a Member!

The cost of a membership in our club is $70/year. The membership year begins on July 1st. If you join after January 1st, membership is half price for the remaining portion ($35).

Benefits of membership:

 Beginner, mentorship, partnership, and member support

 A voice in the governance of our club, including the opportunity to serve on the board of directors

Reduced game and lesson fees

 An opportunity to earn two free games for each new member you recruit and each long-lapsed member (pre-Covid) you persuade to renew

♥ An opportunity to bring your non-member friends to play free at our club (two per non-member)

It is easy to pay for your membership or lessons!

You can pay your membership fee or lesson fee in one of these two ways:

Send an etransfer to       *** NEW ***

No password is required.

Please indicate in the e-transfer comments entry section

  • What your payment is for, especially if you are paying for more than one thing
  • Your name (or names if you are paying for multiple people)
  • Your email address (NOTE: we will confirm receipt of payment only if the email address is entered)

Alternately, you can write a cheque payable to Grand River Bridge Club (not GRBC) and mail it to:

Steve Allen
75 Lorilee Crescent
Kitchener, ON  N2N 2J3

Please write the same three data points as above on the back of your cheque. (NOTE: We will confirm receipt of payment only if the email address is present.)

For New Members Only

Please note that in addition to paying for your new membership, you must also fill out a membership form.

If you forget to fill out a membership form but rather just send us an etransfer with no identifying information, we have no idea who you are or how to contact you. This has already happened several times, and it has taken a team of trained detectives to figure out who made the payment, what it is for, and how we can deliver the desired service.

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Game Fees on BBO

Game fees are currently $5 USD (approximately $7 CDN). They are paid using BBO$, whcih can be purchased through the BBO website. There are special games throughout the year where a surcharge is added, (e.g. STaC games).

Face-to-Face Game Fees

Regular Face-to-Face game fees are $8 for club members and to $10 for non-members. There will be a surcharge for special games (NAP’s, STaC’s, etc.).

Members may purchase a convenience card (covers 10 F2F games) paid by cash, cheque, or debit card for $75 (up from $70). Non-members can purchase a convenience card for $100. One of the perks of becoming a member of our club is this $25 discount


Online New Membership Form

Please fill out the form below to become a member of our club or email

for more information.

Online form graphic

(Current members do not need to complete this form.)

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