Workshop Descriptions

Our club offers half-day workshops with a wide variety of levels, instructors, time slots, formats and topics. The fee is $15 for members/$20 for non-members.

You can register in person at the club or by phone (519) 578-4434 or online by clicking here. We normally need at least eight people registered to offer a workshop.

Note: To make it easier for students to choose their lessons in a logical learning order, we’ve colour-coded our lessons as follows.


Novices    YELLOW

intermediate Players    ORANGE

Open Players    TURQUOISE


Online registration is available here.



Intermediate Supervised Play

On roughly every other Tuesday evening in the fall, we offer an intermediate supervised play session that begins with a short lesson on a topic chosen by the participants in advance, followed by two hours of playing hands that practise the new concept. Pre-registration is not necessary.

Instructor:  Liz McDowell

Time and Dates:  7:00 pm, Tuesday, Sept. 24, Oct. 8, 22, Nov. 19, Dec. 3


Fee:  $7 for members, $9 for non-members




Tournament Play

Are you thinking of playing in the sectional tournament in Stratford in October BUT

Perhaps you have a few questions?

  • Do new players actually go to tournaments?
  • Do you have doubts, questions, or concerns?
  • Maybe you have a little anxiety about tournament play?

The Grand River Bridge Club is offering a workshop just for you!

In this session, we will take the mystery out of bridge tournaments while exploring the attractions and benefits. Participants will learn to effectively navigate, play, learn, and have fun at a tournament. Upon completion of the workshop, you'll be armed and ready for the Stratford tournament, October 25-27.

 Instructor:  Susan Lawton

Time and Date:  Thursday, October 24, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Level:  NOVICE

Price:  $7 for members/ $9 for non-members




Letting the opponents end the bidding at a low level is not necessarily the best way to win a good score on a hand. You might be better to risk a bid with the possible result of pushing your opponents past the level at which they can make a contract. Such a bid is called "Balancing". But when should you do it? And with what kind of hand? This workshop will include some theory and plenty of practice hands.

Instructor:  George Pepall

Time and Date:  Monday, October 28, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Level:  NOVICE



Balancing ALL PLAY

The instructor will provide a brief review of balancing, followed by the bidding and play of a number of pre-dealt hands: in some of these hands, balancing will be indicated, while in others not so much. It is not necessary to have attended the October 28 workshop; however, the participants should have some previous familiarity with balancing.

Instructor:  George Pepall

Time and Date:  Monday, November 4, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Level:  NOVICE



Precision Bidding

Precision bidding is an increasingly-popular bidding system designed to improve bidding accuracy.The instructor will show you how you and your favourite partner can incorporate precision bidding into your current methods. There will be some discussion of how to defend against precision bidding, but the main focus will be on learning the system.

This will likely be a small class with lots of individual attention and example hands to discuss. Regular partners may find it beneficial to attend this workshop as a pair.

Instructor:  Dave Wilson

Time and Date:  Wednesday, December 4 and Wednesday, December 11, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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