Module Descriptions

Our club offers one-off “modules” with a wide variety of levels, instructors, time slots, formats and topics. The fee is $15 for members/$20 for non-members.

You can register in person at the club or by phone (519) 578-4434. We normally need at least 8 people registered to offer the module.

Note: To make it easier for students to choose courses in a good learning order, we’ve assigned a level or levels to each course.

1.  Beginners  2. Post Beginners  3. Lower Intermediate  4. Higher Intermediate  5. Advanced  6. Expert




Intermediate Supervised Play

Liz will be offering seven just-show-up supervised play sessions on alternate Tuesday nights, starting September 11. 

Each session will begin with a mini-lesson on a topic chosen by the participants, followed by pre-prepared hands that practise the new concept. Liz asks interested parties to email her telling her of their interest and including topics they would like a mini-lesson/practice hands on. In addition, the participants in these supervised play sessions are welcome to bring in difficult hands so the group can discuss how best to cope with them.


DATES OFFERED:   7 Tuesday evenings:  Sept. 11, 25, Oct. 9, 23, Nov. 6, 27, and Dec. 4


COST:  $7 for members/ $9 for non-members




Defence vs Suits

This module will focus on defending against suit contracts, with particular emphasis on defensive trump tricks. Topics will include how to get a ruff or give partner a ruff, when not to over-ruff, trump promotions, when to give declarer a ruff/sluff, what to do with the master trump, and so forth.

The students will play a number of hands that practise the new concepts.


DATE OFFERED:   Thursday, October 25, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



Matchpoints for Novices

  • Do you know how the overall matchpoints score is calculated?
  • Do you know what you could change to try to better your matchpoints score?
  • Do you know why "At least we weren't vulnerable" is a cringe-worthy statement under certain conditions?

If you answered 'no' to any of these statements, then this is the module for you! The main topics covered in this module will be:

  • How matchpoint scoring is calculated (the instructor will try to keep the mathematical pain to a minimum)
  • Why getting every possible trick is important in matchpoint scoring
  • The second thing you should be thinking about when first viewing the dummy as declarer
  • How to use matchpoint scoring to your advantage


DATE OFFERED:   Tuesday, October 30, 7:00 pm


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members




Two Over One Follow-Up

This module picks up where the first 2/1 module left off, reviewing the basics of the 2/1 bidding system - followed by the play of a lot of 2/1 hands. The review will cover when 2/1 applies, what happens after a 2/1 game-forcing bid, the forcing 1NT bid, and how 2/1 and Standard American mesh together.

The 2/1 system makes it possible for you to have more success getting to making games and slams.

It is not necessary to have attended the first 2/1 module, but participants should not sign up for this 2/1 follow-up module unless they have some familiarity with 2/1. A brief outline of 2/1 will be provided.


DATE OFFERED:   Wednesday, October 31, 7:00 pm

INSTRUCTOR:  Dianne Aves

COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



Defence vs No Trump

The emphasis in this module will be on counting and thinking. The instructor will cover how to establish your long suit or your partner's, how to prevent declarer from reaching dummy's long suit, how to counter declarer's hold-up plays, how to make killing leads, and so forth. 

The students will play a number of hands that practise the new concepts.


DATE OFFERED:   Thursday, November 1, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



IMPs vs Matchpoints

Most club games are pairis games, with matchpoint scoring. But tournaments offer lots of team games, with IMP scoring - and the difference in scoring can be very important.

  • Should we bid a close game?
  • In a game or slam, should we play in a suit or no trump?
  • as declarer, should we try for an overtrick or play safe for the contract?
  • If the opponents are bidding, should we outbid them, double, or pass?

The answers to these questions could be different defpending on whether you are playing teams or pairs, and this will be explained in this workshop, along with strategies and practice hands. With the Stratford tournament coming up shortly, this workshop is just what the doctor ordered.


DATE OFFERED:   Monday, November 12, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



End Plays

End plays are tactical plays where a defender is put on lead at a strategic moment and is forced to play a card that gives declarer an extra trick.

End plays should be a part of everyone's play of the hand arsenal.

This module will outline the various roads to end plays - "strip and end play", "elimination play", and "throw-in play", along with the exit card that makes it all possible.

Once you have mastered this technique, you too will make that extra trick that the experts make.


DATE OFFERED:   Monday, November 19, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



When to Postpone Drawing Trumps

One of the first pieces of advice we are given when we learn bridge is to draw trumps right away. This is generally good advice but ... this is bridge we're talking about. There are exceptions. Lots of them.

This module will outline common situations where declarer should postpone drawing trump. The short lesson will be followed by an exercise to practise the new concepts. The majority of the lesson time will be devoted to the play of 16 hands for which drawing trumps should be postponed ... or not.


DATE OFFERED:   Saturday, December 1, 9:00 am

INSTRUCTOR:  Malkin Howes

COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members




Inference:  "a conclusion drawn from a bid or play made by partner or an opponent". If you are alert and know what to look for, you can gather clues from bidding and play that help you find a way to make or defeat contracts. For example, inferences can help you find a missing queen or pick up a singleton king or diagnose that a defender has 4-4-4-1 distribution. 

Examples of inference will be provided for both declarer play and defence. A number of hands will be played that practise the new concepts.


DATE OFFERED:   Thursday, December 6, 9:00 am


COST:  $15 for members/ $20 for non-members



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