Is Mentoring in Your Future?


There are two kinds of bridge players – those who want to improve their skills and those who don’t (although there aren’t very many in the latter category). If you belong to the the former category, you might want to get involved with our club’s mentoring program. From the very beginning, we wanted our club to be more than just a place to play bridge – somewhere that everyone could play and learn in a welcoming environment (you may have heard these words before). As part of this thrust, Larry Woods developed our mentorship program, and at present we have 17 mentor/mentee pairs on the go, with the mentees ranging from virtual beginners to advanced players. These arrangements ebb and flow, like all partnerships. Most work out well and have proved to be very rewarding for both mentors and mentees. And from the club’s point of view, mentorships are awesome, as we are always trying to find more ways to mingle our members of varying skill levels. If you might be interested in being either a mentor or a mentee – or both – contact our membership lead, Cheryl Kip ( and she will be more than happy to work with you.

Nominations for Mentor of the Year

If you want to nominate someone for Mentor of the Year, download the nomination form and submit it to one of the club managers.

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